Job Title: Business Process Engineer
Reports to: SEM – Planning, Process and Product
Hours: Full-time, 8-5 Monday-Friday

Position Purpose: To manage and execute new business processes, by recognizing how to diagnose problems with our current methodology, and how to redesign, reconstruct, and monitor processes to ensure they are effective and best practices. As a business process engineer, you will examine the way our organization operates, by studying and understanding our current processes and developing new methods to improve productivity, efficiency, and operational costs and recommend ways we can work more seamlessly to achieve overall improvement. Once the implemented changes are tested for their effectiveness, the business process engineer will work across the organization to integrate and further improve solutions.

Job Requirements
Duties include but are not limited to:

Collaborate: Develop | Assist

  • Define, implement and maintain business processes and procedures
  • Analyze and identify opportunities for business process improvements
  • Develop initiatives for continuous business process improvements
  • Evaluate current business processes and recommend solutions for improvement

Coordinate: Manage | Arrange

  • Work with leadership to identify business requirements, processes and risks
  • Work with functional areas and affiliates in integration of new processes and best practices
  • Use best practices to carry out business process analysis, re-engineering, process measurements and change management activities
  • Mobilize resources and negotiate time commitments to support the integration of best practices

Conduct: Perform | Maintain

  • Prioritize and execute projects for ongoing business improvements
  • Develop and maintain best practices to meet changing business needs
  • Develop a method to maintain the list of AE’s optimizing projects along with a best practices library

Additional Requirements:

  • Demonstrated ability to determine the key business issues and develop appropriate action plans from multidisciplinary perspectives
  • BS degree in engineering required (industrial or mechanical); advanced degree preferred
  • Experienced with Lean principles in both a manufacturing and non-manufacturing environment
  • Must exhibit general business knowledge and operations experience including manufacturing, P&L, supply chain, purchasing and logistics
  • Strongly desire a continuous improvement and problem solving mindset
  • Must be willing to travel and provide hands-on support to our affiliate companies as needed