Job Title: Project Administrator
Reports to: SEM – Planning, Process and Product
Hours: Full-time, 8-5 Monday-Friday

Position Purpose: To serve the P3 team by providing competent, timely, accurate, and efficient support in an environment where learning and growth is highly valued.

Job Requirements
Duties include but are not limited to:

Cultivate: Develop | Maintain

  • Engage in administrative project details pertaining to the P3 team.
  • Participate and take thorough notes in meetings.
  • Create, edit and refine documents as needed.
  • Seek ways to improve processes, procedures, and/or documents.
  • Understand personality assessments and AE constructs and how they work together.
  • Be flexible, willingly accepting the unexpected.
  • Assemble and print agendas, binders, and other reproducible documents.
  • Support initiatives within P3 optimizing teams on special projects and events.
  • Assist in recruiting efforts.
  • Collaborate with team members while also working independently to produce results.

Coordinate: Manage | Arrange

  • Manage travel schedules, itineraries, appointments, meetings, lunches, and team gatherings.
  • Work with hospitality team to coordinate meetings with outside guests.
  • Assist in the management of hospitality items and office supplies.
  • Strive for excellence in assembly, coordination, and management of people, resources, and time.
  • Facilitate, coordinate, monitor, and control projects to ensure on-time completion.
  • Act as liaison with other AE functions to facilitate information exchange.
  • Anticipate problems and cultivate contingency options to accomplish difficult tasks.

Conduct: Perform | Assist

  • Perform research and analysis.
  • Create/maintain new and on-going project binders.
  • Conduct timely and professional written and verbal reporting and communication.
  • Maintain a high degree of detail awareness and management.

Job Duties: Cultivate | Coordinate | Conduct (include but not limited to)

  • Organize and maintain documents library when needed.
  • Support ‘Core Processes’ research, analysis, documentation and archiving.
  • Conduct Industry and/or market research to support P3 team as required.
  • Assemble and communicate weekly status report.
  • Demonstrate an attitude of warm hospitality toward guests at all times.