Job Title: For Profit Services Team – Jr. Analyst
Reports to: For Profit – Services Team Lead
Hours: Full-time, 8-5 Monday-Friday

Position Purpose: Perform analytical services to support the For Profit team in Phase Gate investing decisions, Investment decision analysis, and high priority optimizing activities to achieve three returns – Financial, Cultural, and Eternal – (current portfolio) and Platform & Environmental Scanning assessment (future portfolio).

Job Requirements
Duties include but are not limited to:

Coordinate: Manage | Arrange

  • Lead, arrange, or assist projects
    • Investment decision analysis
    • Market research
    • Due Diligence teams
    • Other functions
  • Professional interactions with affiliate companies
  • Projects assigned by For Profit Resource Team Leader
  • Tasks related to the support of the For Profit team
  • Travel as necessary

Conduct: Perform | Assist

  • Platform strategy and assessment (Industry, Company, Leader)
  • Industry and company/affiliate benchmarking
  • Research and analysis of market conditions and industry segments
  • Investment Decision Analysis and Support, including Intuitive Evaluations, Due Diligence, and Collaborative Agreements
  • Analysis of financial statements and financial modeling, either operating companies or real estate
  • Effective communication, both verbal and written
  • Process documentation and improvements
  • Other duties as assigned

Cultivate: Develop | Maintain

  • Identifying and building relationships with Specialists
  • Continuing education in specialty areas: real estate, financial analysis, trend analysis
  • Continuous growth as a leader and contributor
  • Learning and utilization of established project processes and tools (e.g. Listening Model, MAP, Z-Process, assessments, etc.)
  • Creation and understanding of legal documents (such as Term Sheets, MOU’s, LOI’s, IOI’s, APA’s, Operating Agreements)
  • Addressing issues before they become problems
  • Forms and records to document and measure progress