Ambassador Enterprises is staffed with individuals who share a desire to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are committed to investing in their success, for their benefit and for that of our business. Our goal is to ensure that everyone does work that they see as meaningful and to offer an environment where learning happens every day.

Our Team

Ama Abrokwah

Brian Best

Alisa Biggins

Lauren Branscum

Curt Brown

Carla Butts

Gabe Clark

Leslie Clark

James Couchman

Rhoda D’wis

Trevor Derby

Christophe Dessaigne

Layna Diehl

Daryle Doden

Jared Doden

Blake Douglas

Rachael Drew

Tim Fletcher

Arlan Friesen

Kiersten Gamby

Ross Gamby

Tiffany Gardner

Hollis Garrett

Jeremy Gayed

Kristin Giant

Kasey Gibson

Mindy Giles

Fayth Glock

Amy-Lynn Graf

Dustin Heimann

Matt Hohman

Gretchen Keller

Heather Klage

Carleen Lesser

Katelyn Mantey

Brad Miller

Marshall Mullinax

Emily Musser

Bethany Pasztor

Catherine Purdy

Gracia Reed

Jason Rice

Ringo Santiago

Maddie Schwartz

Lindsey Sharp

Carianne Sobey

Wendy Speakman

Shon Steger

Lindsey Tomer

Karyn Tomkinson

Bob Vitoux

Janie Waldron

Adrienne Wampole

Ben Westfall

Ryan Woldman

Remound Wright