Gabe Clark

Gabriel Clark joined AE in June of 2016. As a part of the
Ambassador Capital Group, he provides support for the team working to invest in
the Northeast Indiana region. Prior to joining AE, Gabe worked in sales and
engineering. Gabriel currently serves the community through his roles on the Board
of Directors of Start Fort Wayne, Farnsworth Fund Grant Committee, and through
ministry at Pine Hills Church.

Along with Olivia, his wife of 3 years, Gabriel looks to
bring a brighter future to Fort Wayne through humility, hospitality, and
intentionality. Gabriel and Olivia enjoy being active, spending quality time
with loved ones, and trusting the other not to watch ahead in the Netflix que.
On his own, Gabriel enjoys reading, weight-lifting, and tinkering. He is also
passionate about spurring others on to pursue big dreams, believing that God
has created each of us to do good works (Eph. 2:10).