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Civic Engagement

Promoting a Society of Moral, Relational, and Economic Strength in Northeast Indiana

Every thriving community has a ‘triangle’ working together to accomplish big goals — the philanthropic and religious community, the business community, and government. To help build this triangle for northeast Indiana, we want to emphasize the critical role of effective civic leadership and increased citizen participation and engagement in achieving a strong community.

With this in mind, Civic Engagement promotes responsible, responsive government by identifying, training, and equipping emerging civic leaders in northeast Indiana through the Ambassador Institute for Civic Engagement; working with current elected officials and providing them with the tools to lead; and educating the public and advocating for community-minded civic leadership.

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photo of Ron Turpin

Ron Turpin

Sr VP – Civic Engagement

AREAS OF INTEREST: Civic Discourse • Community & Government Leaders • Public Policy


Ambassador Institute for Civic Engagement (AICE)



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