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Private Equity

We Seek Business Owners Interested in Successful Transition, Lasting Legacy, and Positive Impact

From corporate and community endeavors to building supplies, recreation, marine, home interiors, and engineered solutions, Ambassador Enterprises continues to grow as a business leader and preferred legacy partner. We seek investment and platform growth opportunities, including partnerships and ownership, throughout northeast Indiana and outside our region.

Building strong relationships based on trust and shared values is central to our mission. Every relationship starts with an introduction, leading to connecting with legacy-minded owners and those who work closely with them.

Preserve and Grow Your Legacy Through Successful Transition of Your Business

Are you a legacy-minded owner looking to transition your business and preserve the legacy you’ve built with your employees and community? If so, we’d like to talk with you.

photo of Mike Butchko

Mike Butchko

EVP | CFO | Private Equity Investment


Built World • Custom Home Interiors • Industrial Engineered Solutions • Marine • Recreation

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