Bob Vitoux

Bob Vitoux is a Senior Investing Leader in the For Profit Investing Team and joined Ambassador Enterprises in April 2018. Prior to coming to AE, Bob served as the President & CEO of Seymour Midwest, a privately held landscape and specialty tool manufacturer. Bob has been in many different roles across a variety of businesses and a number of industries, including serving as the CFO for Steinway Musical Instruments, but the majority of his career has been spent in the medical device (namely orthopedics) industry. Bob and his family lived in northern Scotland for nearly two years while he was part of the Johnson & Johnson companies, where he was the Finance Leader for the LifeScan Scotland diabetes business, and attributes this as one of the most formidable times in both his career development and family’s connectedness.

Bob obtained both his B.S. degree in Accounting and A.A. in Computer Applications from Manchester College. He also has completed Executive Programs at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and the University of Notre Dame.

One of Bob’s passions is youth development, whether it be in the classroom, in a business environment, or just part of everyday life, and he is quick to become involved in opportunities to invest in the training and development of our next generation of leaders. In addition to being involved directly, Bob also serves on the Board of Grace College as the Vice Chairman of the Board and he also is the Chair of the Caddie Committee at Sycamore Hills Golf Club where he has the chance to be directly involved with the development, nomination, and election of Caddies in the Evans Scholar program.

He and his wife Debbie were married back in 1987 and they have two kids, Austin and Ashlyn. They are active members in the First United Methodist Church in Warsaw, where Debbie is responsible for Visual Arts and frequently volunteers to assist with various office needs. They enjoy working out together at the YMCA, taking walks on the trail in Winona Lake, and spending time with friends and family. Bob is also an avid golfer and loves to be out in God’s creation meeting new people playing golf on any golf course at any time.