Senior Corporate Counsel

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Position Title: Senior Corporate Counsel

Reports to: Chief Legal Officer

Hours: Full-time

Position Summary: The Senior Corporate Counsel will perform and oversee a broad variety of legal tasks, will select, retain, and oversee outside counsel, and will assist with the management of personnel within the Ambassador Enterprises legal department.

AE has a unique business model and a unique culture. We value collaboration—by which we mean communication that is both highly assertive and highly cooperative. We also value creative problem-solving. We are seeking an attorney suited to thrive in this culture; someone with the skills and temperament to collaborate hand in hand with our senior leadership and affiliate leaders, as well as with the leaders of our internal investment lanes, in seeking creative legal solutions at the speed of business.

The Senior Corporate Counsel must be a person of godly character. We are seeking someone who is trustworthy with unimpeachable integrity, and who also has a humble attitude and a servant’s heart.

The ideal Senior Corporate Counsel is comfortable in both strategic and tactical/technical roles. They are eager to provide a tailwind in long-term strategic business discussions, while at the same time being comfortable and competent in performing tactical legal tasks. They are flexible, able to pivot easily between tasks, or to shift from tactical to strategic roles, with ease, and on short notice.

Professionally, we are seeking an attorney with an Indiana license in good standing, with a minimum of five years of experience. Aptitude in one of the following fields is preferred: labor, employment and benefits, corporate law, or mergers and acquisitions. We need an attorney who is comfortable operating within several different fields and managing outside counsel in fields where they lack expertise. The willingness to stretch and to learn new areas of law will be required.

Relationally, the Senior Corporate Counsel is both personable and personal, capable of building trusting relationships inside and outside of AE and its affiliates. They are capable of communication that is high-impact, direct, and clear while remaining friendly, caring, and consummately professional.

In the words of our founder, “Business is about people, processes, and problem-solving. We look for leaders who are principle-based, purpose-driven, people-centric strategic problem-solvers.”



  • Develop trusted-partner relationships with AE team members, affiliate leaders, and outside counsel
  • Provide legal advice to AE team members and affiliates in all areas
  • Retain, oversee, and manage outside legal counsel as needed
  • Assist with managing the legal department personnel and legal department budget
  • Perform legal research and draft research memoranda
  • Assist, as needed, with M&A work and M&A due diligence
  • Identify legal issues
  • Collaborate with the Chief Legal Officer and with other AE senior leaders on legal and strategic issues and solutions
  • Review and draft contracts and other legal instruments
  • Oversee and manage litigation for AE and affiliates on an as-needed basis



Professional Credentials/Experience

  • D. from an accredited U.S. law school
  • Minimum of five years of experience (private practice experience preferred, but not required)
  • Significant experience in one of the following areas: labor, employment, and benefits, corporate law, or mergers and acquisitions
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Superior ability to manage sensitive and confidential situations with tact, professionalism, and diplomacy
  • Superior ability to prioritize, adapt and respond to rapidly changing circumstances required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent legal research and writing skills
  • Superior adaptability and strategic agility


Personal Attributes

  • Christ-centered
  • Servant-hearted
  • Humble
  • Confident
  • Mature
  • Caring
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
  • Self-starter

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