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Performance Acceleration

We Engage with Strategic Leaders to Accelerate Performance

Imagine a world where leaders are equipped and emboldened to unleash potential and accelerate performance for greater organizational effectiveness and strategic impact.

The Performance Acceleration team invests in discovering and developing transformative leaders aspiring to cultivate high-trust, high-care, high-performing teams.

Are you looking to accelerate leadership excellence? Let’s connect.

photo of Brian VanHall

Brian VanHall

EVP Culture & Performance | Performance Acceleration

AREAS OF INTEREST: Assessments • Coaching • Leadership Development • Organizational Health • Organizational Learning

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Apr 28 2023

Civic Leadership Starts at Home 

Cohort 2 participants for Ambassador Institute for Civic Engagement

Meaningful civic engagement, especially civic leadership, can be a powerful way to represent ALL people, economic situations, and programs. Civic leaders can raise their voices, influence decisions, and hold government accountable. This leadership, knowledge, and training starts at home and continues over a lifetime.

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