Jared Doden

I work in the Legal and Legacy branch of the Treasury and Finance Team. My responsibilities include legal research, drafting, and editing and coordinating with outside counsel. 

My previous educational experiences laid the groundwork for enrolling in law school. Cedarville taught me awareness of the world around me, Taylor taught me how to write about it, and Indiana Tech taught me how to engage it. Before I pursued a legal career, I had a career in child care with New Horizons Youth Ministries followed by Lifeline Youth and Family Services.

I live in Fort Wayne with my wife, Whitney, and my son, Bridger. They are the delight of my heart as God is the delight of my being. We enjoy spending time together as a family, pursuing whatever adventure is at hand. My personal interests include the governance of the United States, political and moral philosophy, and the principles governing creation itself. I never tire of understanding more.